EPS Loose Fills

Product Information

EPS loosefills are expanded beads of different sizes. These expanded beads(loosefills) are available in different sizes and has different applications. Some of them are mentioned below along with their sizes and applications.1 0.5mm to 1.0mm – Pillows, Mattresses, Cushions etc. (This application uses fine grade expanded beads of approx density 25-75 kg/m3, these beads are filled in Pillows, Mattresses, Cushions instead of cotton or other material. It feels like water is filled in and gives a very relaxing and smooth feeling.

2 4mm to 6mm(density 8-10 kg/m3) – Packing of Gift Packs etc.(generally coloured loosefills are put along with Gift Packs in transparent film to give a decorative look.

3 6mm to 8mm(density 6-7 kg/m3) – Lazy Bean bags (This sized loosefill is used in lazy bean bags as shown in photograph/s.A person can sit on this lazy bean bag in any posture and the bean bag will take shape of that particular posture at that time,thus giving a very unique relaxing feeling.

4 10mm to 12mm(density 6-7 kg/m3) – Dyeing and Textile Units. (This sized loosefill along with some chemicals are used in Dyeing and Textile Units to fade the colour of the clothes (especially jeans) .This helps to give a glossy look to the clothes instead of very bright and rough look.