EPS Packing

Product Information

Expanded Polystrene Packing (EPS Packing)EPS (Expandable Polystyrene)is a petroleum byproduct and is a polymerised version of Styrene monomer. After Polymerisation, a blowing agent called pentene is added to make it expandable. EPS comes in various bead sizes and is spherical and almost transparent with approx density of 750-760 kg/m3. EPS is available in two grades, namely (a) Normal Grade (b) Self Extinguishing Grade(Fine Retardant Grade). It’s flash point is 70°c to 80°c and is expanded with the help of steam. After Expansion the air gets trapped in cells in between the expanded bead and it’s density gets reduced to 16-40 kg/m3(as required). The air gets trapped in the cells and hence it can not circulate. Due to these properties EPS becomes perfect cold insulating material and packaging material.EPS PACKAGING MATERIAL: EPS is widely used as a packing material as it is a very good shock absorbant and is very cheap,and hence is almost insubstitutable. It’s application field is very wide and is used as a packing material in home appliances and other items such as T.V, COMPUTERS, PRINTERS, FAX MACHINE, WEIGHING SCALES, WASHING MACHINES, AIR CONDITIONERS, GEASERS, REFRIGERATORS, KITCHEN APPLIANCES, ELECTRONICS AND ELECTRICAL GOODS, BONE CHINA CROCKERY, GLASS WARE, AUTO COMPONENTS, PATTERN MAKING, BATHROOM FITTINGS, VEHICLE GLASS AND VEHICLE LAMPS are the some few fields to name.AS EPS prevents the surface of the product from scratches,it is widely used in packing of above mentioned products. Front and rear wind screens of vehicles which are very sensitive to jerks are being packed in EPS.